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October 10, 2018 11:00 pm
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Watch our live Q&A video from the 2018 Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery Showhome in Oakville, Ontario, with designer Brian Gluckstein and House & Home’s Kimberley Brown. (Order tickets for a chance to win this home at https://princessmargaretlotto.com.) Brian answered viewer design and decor questions on October 6, 2016, and took us through the luxurious home’s living room, kitchen and family room.

Key moments in the video:

1:44 How did you select the wall mural in the living room? (Eman)
3:01 Do you have any advice for creating statement or feature walls?
3:57 Any advice for how to mix textures and colours?
6:06 What colour inspired you the most in the Oakville showhome? (Amira)
7:31 See the two-storey hallway.
8:38 See the kitchen.
10:07 How do you balance comfort and style and durability? If you had to choose, would it be style or comfort? (Jane Gray)
11:18 What kinds of wallpapers are classics and never go out of style? (melangebeauty)
12:25 What’s a good bathroom mirror? (Jason)
13:41 Can I mix metals in light fixtures throughout my home or should I stick to only one colour? (Kate)
15:34 See the kitchen banquette.
17:02 See the family room.
17:10 What advice do you have for people about creating open-concept spaces that also feel distinct?
18:05 What is your favourite room in the Princess Margaret Showhome? (Nina)
18:46 What inspired you to put a bowling alley in the basement? (Rochelle)
20:21 Is black trim still in or is white okay?
20:50 What are some of the most important elements to making a cozy bedroom? (Lori)
25:35 Why the choice of a putting green in the backyard instead of a swimming pool? (Dave)
26:10 What makes the Oakville showhome an exciting project for you to do?

See the original video on Facebook with comments here: http://bit.ly/2018pmhfblive

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