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December 18, 2018 9:30 pm
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I made a modern mailbox out of wood and steel that does NOT require welding. I used Quikrete Fast-Setting concrete mix set into a 8” Quiktube to make the foundation. I cast a 10” piece of galvanized 3/4” steel pipe into the concrete. The Mailbox is made out of 3/16” plate steel that I bent using an angle grinder and MakerBrand T-Bar Clamps. The oak doors have a magnet that sticks to a piece of 1” angle steel inside the mailbox. This piece of angle steel is attached with Krazy Glue Gel. I learned how strong Krazy Glue is at a recent event that pitted the worlds strongest man against Krazy Glue in an epic battle of Man Vs. Glue. Check out my instagram channel to see more coverage of this event:

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MakerBrand Clamps and Finishes

Krazy Glue Gel

Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

This video was sponsored by Krazy Glue

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